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There are many times in the day that we need to check the time. We rush to drop off the kids at school, are late for work, wake up late on a Saturday morning to hear the bell ringing because the milk has arrived or come home late to see what time it is. We only have to look up to see a wall clock that will tell us if we are on time, late, early or even if we're just a little bit off.

Enjoy the charm of beautiful wall clocks in your living spaces

A wall clock adds instant character to any space. It is a simple, timeless piece of furniture that can be hung on the wall. Online, you can purchase a wooden wall clock or any other type of clock to add panache and style to your home. 

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You can buy a wooden or other type of clock, but you should first know the space for which you will be using it. There are many different types of wall clocks on the market. You also need to consider the different rooms and spaces that you will be placing the clock in. We will walk you through each type and explain what they are for based on where you plan to place them. 

Choose from a variety of wall clock designs online

Wooden Wall Clock - A wooden wall clock makes a statement of classic style. Bring home a wall clock made of teak wood that will add style to your dining room or living room. Choose from large standing clocks or a hanging clock. It is best to place the wooden wall clock at a high height, with nothing around it. It is important to choose the perfect spot to hang it in your living room or dining area so that you can enjoy its design while also being able to see it when it's time to check the clock. 

Designer Style: If you want to match a wall clock with ethnic or classical decor, a designer style wall clock will do the trick. A designer style clock with metal details and a glass finish is also an option. 

Antique wooden clock: This is a type of clock that most people love. Many people are drawn to a wooden timepiece with antique bearings. It is so beautiful and appealing that it can be used as both a clock as well as an art piece. Choose an antique clock that has a pendulum or a hanging clock that is equipped with an old wrought iron bracket. This wooden wall clock can be easily purchased online. 

The Analog clock: If you are looking for a clock that is more contemporary, an analog clock made of wood or any other material will be perfect. This clock would give you the exact time, and it would be an excellent companion for you when you're in a hurry! 

Buy Wooden Wall Clock As Per Your Room Decor

In the bedroom, a simple wooden analog clock is recommended. This will keep you from being disturbed by the ticking second hand. Select a clock that has a square, round or rectangular shape. The digits should be prominent and the background well-lit even at night. You will be able to see the time better when you are stepping away from your bed in the darkness. It will also help you find your way back when you return. 

Living Room: This room needs a clock that is more formal and has a lot of flair. Choose a round, oval or classic-style clock with carvings or paintings around it to complement the decor of the room. 

Dining Room: Consider having a separate dining clock if your dining and living rooms are not connected. This clock should also be formal in appearance and keep the time by chiming or ticking the second hand. 

Workspace: In your home office, or at the workstation you use, you should have a clock on the wall directly facing you. Keep it simple and use an analog clock to easily check the time as you work. 

It should be fun, but also easy to read. This space would benefit from a simple wooden wall clock. You should select a clock that suits your mood as well as the décor of the room.