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Table Lamps at the Best Prices

Have you ever spent hours at your desk using only the overhead fluorescent light? You'll soon notice that your eyes are irritated. You can solve this problem by adding a table lamp in your study or work area.

Table lamps are designed to illuminate your workspace to reduce eye strain. A good table lamp can improve your productivity and morale. Choosing the suitable light can be challenging because you must consider other elements in the room. When looking online for table lamps, you should also consider the size. A table lamp should be the perfect size for your space and not too small or big. You can avoid this mistake by selecting a suitable light. To do so, you should visit a website like Dekorspace, where you'll find many lamps.

Dekorspace offers a wide range of table lamps at affordable prices. Each light is carefully designed and priced to give you the best value for your money. Other lighting options are available in different designs and sizes. Here, you can browse through our beautiful range of table lamps.

Select from an eclectic collection of designer table lamps

Table lamps can illuminate your home, but they also add a unique visual element. This guide will help you choose among the most popular table lamps.

Modern Table Lamps

Are you looking for the best table lamps of modern design in India? Browse our collection of stunning modern table lamps to literally and figuratively illuminate your home. Modern aesthetics is all about less. Our modern table lamps are no exception. Dekorspace's stylish table lamp range features subtle colours and unique designs.

Contemporary Table Lamps

Each element of your home defines your aesthetic. To create a visually pleasing space, all pieces must be coordinated. This includes the colour of the curtains and the shape of your table lamp. Dekorspace's collection of contemporary lamps will help you bring a lamp home that illuminates your room and helps create visual harmony. This contemporary collection features unique designs with clean lines. Ceiling lights are a great option if you want more lighting options.

Mid-Century Table Lamps

Add a touch of quirkiness to your interiors. Choose a midcentury table lamp. Mid-century modern has made a comeback since the 1980s. The range of mid-century table lamps on Dekorspace is a great way to spruce your interiors. They feature bright colours and unique designs. Are you looking for something big and eye-catching to spruce up your living room decor? Go big with your chandeliers.

Choose from a range of Utilitarian Lamps.

Are you looking for a table light for a particular area of your house? Dekorspace has a wide range of table lights for various rooms. These are the most popular categories of table lamps available on the online store.

Study Table Lamp

Study table lamps provide focused light to help you study or work comfortably without straining your eyes. Some table lamps have dimmers that can be adjusted to your study habits. Others can meet your reading needs at night. Try a study table lamp, and you'll be amazed at how much more productive your work or study sessions will become. While you're there, check out our collection of study lights for your children's room or office.

Dining Table Lamp

Dining table lights can be a great light fixture for your home if you like to cook and entertain friends and family. They are beautiful and elegant ornaments for your dining room. They can also be used to illuminate items on a table. However, their main application is at mealtime. Dekorspace is the place to go if you are looking for dining table lights. You can find a wide range of beautiful table lamps at affordable prices.

Bedside Table Lamp

It's common for people to read a little before falling asleep, but turning on the leading light at this time can be a hassle because it is difficult to get out of a warm bed. What is the solution? A bedside table lamp. These handy little lamps can be placed at your bedside. Their functional design allows you to get the light needed to read comfortably. They are also designed not to disturb your partner, and the switch is within easy reach. Choose from an impressive range of table lamps to make your bedtime reading sessions more enjoyable. You don't need a bedside lamp? Dekorspace also offers wall lights that you can use in your bedroom.

Living Room Table Lamp

The living room is often the melting pot for different ideas regarding aesthetics and decor. A table lamp is an ideal addition to a living space with empty tables or corners. Dekorspace has a wide selection of table lamps to brighten any living room. The living room table lamp is available in a variety of sizes. You can select the right one for your space.

Bedroom Table Lamp

A bedroom table lamp will be a great addition to any space if you are one of the people who cannot sleep in total darkness. A bedroom table lamp can also serve an aesthetic purpose, filling out corners and empty spaces. Online, you can find a variety of table lamps that are perfect for your bedroom. Dekorspace offers a wide range of table lamps for the bedroom in various sizes, styles, and colours. Here, you can shop for beautiful floor lamps.

Different Types Of Table Lamp Materials To Consider

The material of a lamp can have a significant impact on its functionality and visual appeal. You can choose between a variety of materials for table lamps.

Wooden Table Lamp

The wooden table lamp is a beautiful addition to any living or study room. These table lamps have a wood base that is visually distinctive and durable. Online, you can choose from an impressive range of wooden lamps at affordable prices. You can find intricately carved wood table lamps to enhance your home decor. If you want something simpler, a solid-wood table lamp is a good option. Dekorspace has all the wooden table lamps you could need.

Ceramic Table Lamp

Choose a ceramic table lamp for a soft, ornate look. These beautiful ceramic table lamps are perfect for dining rooms and living spaces. Dekorspace offers a wide range of ceramic table lamp designs and colours. You can choose from different sizes, depending on your area. Ceramic lamps are not as durable as wooden ones and should be kept away from children and pets.

Metal Table Lamp

Metal table lamps can be used to create an industrial or urban aesthetic. These lamps are also great for task lighting because they make a directed light. Metal table lamps are available in a wide range of designs and styles. The trick is to know where to look for them and which strategy is best for your home. Start your search at Dekorspace. You'll find outdoor lighting for your patio or balcony.

Bright Ideas: Exploring the Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Table Lamp

Lighting And Ambiance

Table lights provide focused illumination, which can be directed to the most needy area. These lights improve vision and reduce eye strain. They are ideal for reading or using a computer.

Decor Accents

They make any room feel welcoming and warm. The calming atmosphere they create can be more relaxing than harsh overhead lighting.


Table lamps are suitable for use in many different areas of your home. They can be used anywhere from the living room to the bedroom, the study or the hallway. Table lamps can be placed on various surfaces, such as desks, bedside tables or end tables.

Task Lighting: Because they focus light on a specific area, table lamps are ideal for tasks that require focused illumination. Table lamps can be placed where they are needed, whether it's for reading, working on a computer or crafting. Dekorspace has a wide range of Table Lamps so you can buy table lamps online at an affordable price.

Dekorspace Offers A Wide Range Of Table Lamps

Buffet Table Lamps

Buffet table lamps can be tall and have lamp bases up to 36 inches high. They are also called console lamps or candlestick lamps. The table lamp is usually equipped with a pull chain and an accent light that's no bigger than 12 inches. These lamps are available in many different materials, designs and sizes. Many options exist, from elegant bronze lamps to gleaming chandeliers with sheer shades.

Arc Table Lamps

The arched table lamp comprises a small pendant attached to an arched base. This type of lamp is excellent for highlighting specific areas in the room. These lights are usually quite minimalistic in design, which makes them perfect for modern interiors. You can find them in stainless steel or aluminium. They are also available in polished copper and other materials. You can style them in a variety of ways. Place one above a couch or armchair to create a reading corner in your living room. They can also be used as task lighting for your study table.

Tripod Table Lamps

The tripod table lamp is a new take on the traditional table lamp. It has a base with three legs. The extra legs provide additional support to ensure that the table stays upright in case of an accident. The table can be paired up with many different lamp designs. From traditional fabric shades to metal spotlights, it is a versatile piece. You can use them as bedside lamps in your bedroom to create a stunning piece.

Swing Arm Table Light

Swing arm table lamps have an adjustable arm which pivots and swings into a variety of positions. This allows you to adjust the work of the light source. They are ideal for use at workstations and study tables. You can use them as reading lamps in your bedroom.

Table lamps can be used to complement your home decor.

  • The weight of the lamp is the most crucial factor when purchasing. The importance of light is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a lamp.
  • The size of the lamp is another essential factor to consider when purchasing a light. Table lamps should not exceed 1 1/2 times their height or that of the furniture they are placed on.
  • Table lamps are often used while seated. Therefore, the height or line of sight is essential. The bottom of the lampshade should be at or near eye level.
  • There are no rules for the shape of lampshades because aesthetics is subjective. It is best to keep the lamp shade and base in a similar size.
  • Lamp shades are a great way to bring a little colour to a monochromatic space. Neutral colours produce a soothing light that goes with any colour scheme. They are ideal for creating an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • Consider your home decor when choosing a lamp. To create a visually cohesive space, all your sets must be harmonious.

Dekorspace is the Ultimate Table Lamp.

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2. Dekorspace is known for its high-quality products. If you buy from them, you can expect to receive well-made and long-lasting lamps.

3. Dekorspace is an online retailer that offers convenience. You can browse online and compare your options without visiting the actual business.

4. Dekorspace, like many other online retailers, may offer occasional discounts and promotions. You could save money on your table lamps by using this method.