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Hindu mythology considers a wooden home temple, or Pooja Mandir for the home to be pure and favorable. Give your Gods their own place by installing a wooden temple in your home. It will bring good fortune, peace, and prosperity to your home. Dekorspace is aware that wood is the best material to use for this wooden pooja nadir.

We offer a wide range of pooja-mandirs online to our customers. This will bring sanctity, spirituality, and positive vibes into the home. Our team of talented interior designers will guide you on how to best install this piece in your home to achieve maximum positivity and tranquility. We have a wide range of products to suit your needs, including custom-made wooden mandirs and Sheesham home temples. !

Select Your Next Home Temple From Our Unique Range of Materials

Dekorspace's furniture is known for its high quality. Our raw materials are all 100% pure. This ensures long-lasting durability, and a shiny, new look. Online, we offer a wide range of unique and different designs for our wooden home temple collection. Each wooden temple can be browsed briefly to see the advantages of the materials it is made from.

You can find the innovative mandir at home in these materials:

Sheesham Wood Home temple

Vaastu says that it's one of the most pure types of wood for making the perfect wooden temple. Sheesham wood temples come in a variety of styles and designs that can be carved to perfection. Sheesham's flexibility allows for innovatively designed pooja mandirs. A Sheesham home temple is a great investment. It will give you plenty of space, style, and durability over a long period.

Mango Wood Home Temple

The texture of mango wood is unique among other furniture woods. It is dense, making it perfect for furniture. However, its texture is relatively soft. Mango wood is flexible and can be used to make a variety of furniture. Dekorspace offers a variety of designs in Mango Wood. Browse our selection to find the perfect match for your home.

Teak Wood Home temple

The oil content of teak wood makes it one of the most resistant hardwoods to decay and insects. It is a good material to use for a designer pooja temple. Dekorspace offers a wide range of teak wooden temples in a variety of designs. Dekorspace is the only place where you can get furniture made from this durable hardwood.

Engineered Wood Home Temple

You can enjoy the stylish and sleek wooden temples for your home on a tight budget. Our most popular material is engineered wood, which is light and easy to move around, making it ideal for smaller spaces. They are also highly functional, affordable, and have a great look. Dekorspace offers one of the most attractive and compact designs of Engineer Wood Home Temples. Browse our collection to find the ideal abode for you almighty.

Metal Home Temple

A metal pooja temple for your home will be a reliable and classic choice. This is because it's more resistant to wear and tear. It's also a cost-effective option for pooja mandirs to be kept outdoors. Dekorspace has a wide range of designs to choose from so that you can enhance the value and view of your Lord almighty.

Marble Home Temple

A pooja-mandir made of marble is also auspicious. Its polished appearance gives your home a serene aura and is a durable material for your poojamandir.

Marble's color radiates tranquility, making it ideal for a home temple. When it is in contact with the light, it emits a divine aura.

Dekorspace Offers a Wide Range of Home Temples

Dekorspace offers a variety of designs for home temples that are perfect for blending with different interior styles. We create unique designs that will help you to bring a more blissful atmosphere around your almighty. Let's look at each of the Home Temple designs to see what they are all about.

Wall Mounted Home Temple

Dekorspace offers a beautiful range of wall-mounted temples that are perfect for small spaces. A wall-mounted temple is not only a great option for small spaces, but it also allows you to place your gods at an appropriate height. This symbolically represents that the Almighty is always above.

Floor Rested Home Temple

The most traditional pooja-mandir design in India is a floor-rested mandir. Make your house a regal place by putting the lords in the spotlight. Dekorspace offers the most beautiful designs of home temples with floor rests that are spacious and stylish for your lords to live in.

Home Temple with Storage

A temple design with storage can be very versatile. A pooja mandir that has storage can be used to store your pooja items neatly or to hide the unnecessary. It is a great design for a home temple.

Home Temple Without Storage

The best way to fit a pooja mandir in confined spaces is with no storage. No need to compromise for those who live away from home; a small temple can be placed in a tight space to increase prosperity.

Home Temple with Dome

The most auspicious way to decorate your home is with a temple. The dome structure is thought to enhance the divinity of the gods. This design is also similar to a temple. It looks rich aesthetically when your almighty live in a miniature temple.

Home Temple Without Dome

Another classic design for your Lords is a home temple without a dome. This pooja mandir is easier to decorate and allows you to be more creative. Dekorspace offers a wide range of temples for your home without a dome that will enhance the grandeur of your lords.

Home Temple with Door

The design of home temples with doors is a practical choice. Dekorspace has the most intricately carved and engaging home temples with doors. You can add some style and aesthetic to your pooja room without taking the focus away from the lords.

Home Temple Without Door

Dekorspace offers an exclusive collection for home temples that do not have a door. The look and feel of a pooja temple without a front door is stunning. Our range of home temples with no door is among the largest designs. If you want to take the look and feel of your pooja temple to extravagant levels then this will be the perfect choice for you.

How to Place a Home Temple in Vastu for Good Luck?

Vastu suggests that there are several things to take into consideration when building a pooja-ghar.

Choose a place that faces the North-East.

Second, make sure the temple is organized, clean, and quiet. It is important that the deity's exact position be known.

When it comes to choosing the best location for a home temple, the northeast corner is a great choice.

According to Vastu, the northeast corner is considered the most sacred part of the house. Keep in mind that only the deity is to be displayed in the room.

The material used in the room can be historic, such as a wooden Temple.

There are some things to consider when positioning the deity. First, the deity must face east. The east is the direction of sunrise, and therefore, new beginnings. To emphasize the importance of the deity, it should be placed higher than any other object in the space.

What to know before buying a designer Pooja Mandir

As more people seek peace and comfort through their spiritual practices, home temples have become a hot commodity. Designer home temples are in high demand as people want to find one that fits their style and space. Before you buy a temple for your home, there are a few things to think about. Let's look at what you should consider before purchasing a home temple.


You need to first decide the kind of energy that you want in your home. Are you looking for a tranquil and calm space or one that is more vibrant and lively? It will help you narrow down your options.


You should also consider the size of your room. You have more choices when choosing a temple for your home if you have a larger room. If you only have a small space, you will need to be more careful in choosing a temple that is suitable for your room.


You should also consider your budget. You can find home temples at a wide range of prices, so you need to make sure you don't spend more than you can.

Online shopping for wooden temples in India.

Hindu Shastras state that building a wooden pooja temple in the home will eject any evil powers and bring the aura into harmony. Install it if you don't have one. There are many pooja mandirs available on the internet in India. The beauty of wooden temples for your home, or mandirs for your home can be mesmerising. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are so many options, that it's easy to find the perfect one for your home.

Beautiful Wooden Temples or Pooja Mandirs for Home

It is not necessary to use words to describe the elegance and purity of wood. A beautiful wooden temple or mandir for your home is a manifestation of faith, positive energy, and tranquility. A wooden shrine represents sacredness and makes the pooja more effective. The creative wooden wall-mounted pooja mandirs for home are elegant and have an aesthetic appeal. The small wooden temple furniture is available in many finishes such as teak, honey mahogany, walnut, and more.

Online shopping for wooden home temples in India has many benefits.

The wood is a product of nature and, as the home of gods and saints in nature, it is believed to have greater healing powers. It is durable and will last a long time. You will receive blessings whenever you sit before your wooden temple. The home temple is not only beautiful, but it will also soothe your soul.

They are also beneficial in other ways. They are made of the finest wood and have a natural look. High-quality wood is durable and will last for many years. A modern wooden temple for the home or prayer unit can be endowed with various chests that will accommodate all pooja items in a suitable place. Solis wood pooja unit is a small piece of furniture that takes up little space. It can be placed in a quiet corner of your home.

Why choose Dekorspace for Pooja Mandir Online in India?

Dekorspace Furniture is the place to go if you are looking for a solid wood pooja temple or mandir for your home. In Hindu tradition, every pooja must be performed with the entire family present. It will be a great relief to spend time with your family and utter the auspicious prayers together. Make time in your busy schedule to meditate, and vibrate together with those you love.

We offer you a complete range of home temples. Dekorspace has the best, most stylish, and traditional prayer units to decorate the walls of your pooja room. We have all the options you need, whether it's surface-mounted or wall-mounted. Purchase the beautiful home template online and experience the positive and prosperous effects.